Industry Standards & Best Practices

Data processing is highly regulated in vertical industries such as financial services, government, telecom, healthcare, travel and transportation, retail as well as in the public sector. Understanding the local, regional and global regulatory requirements and defining / implementing the data processing controls and testing its effectiveness become more complex. Using industry best practices can provide some guidance and direction to comply with these requirements.

The industry standard and best practices assessment program develops a road map to address the inherent issues that are historically grown due to lack of IT standards.

An architectural and operational standard controls the changes and the growth of IT infrastructure and its operations. It mitigates the risk of service disruptions, which could happen by the proactive and preventive maintenance activities.

Industry standard aligned data centre infrastructure and service management practices, enhanced by the use of best practices supports the rapid IT changes and deployment as required by the business growth; it ensures the elasticity and flexibility of the key business asset in data centres. Conducting an assessment and review of the defined and applied standards, in the IT management and IT operations aims to identify gaps against the industry standards and best practices. 


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