Managed Services

Providing ICT solutions and services to business and to dealing with the fast changing Information Technology is a challenge on it’s on. The operation of the ICT solutions and managing the rising cost pressure are additional challenges that businesses face.

The new ICT cognitive and augmented solutions require an Operating Model, an Organisational Structure, and Functions and Subject Matter Experts to manage these new technology solutions such as Hybrid IT solutions.


Monitoring of the network infrastructure’s health and status, documentation and maintaining of the network topology and operational run books are just a few of the services we offer for Network Services.

We also review and adjust the network resilience and network service quality, the optimisation of the network data traffic and routing will be ensured as well.

SITCONS will assist with the management of the network security infrastructure, with the access and data traffic rules of multivendor security infrastructure and appliances. The review and optimisation of the network performance and asset management is crucial to ensure your IT departments are running efficiently.


Our security services consist of security policy review of the Management, System, Network and Physical Security and the associated operational procedures.

The compliance to policies by end user and ICT infrastructure, testing of systems as well as end users, network security standards and hardening using penetration testing solutions are additional services that SITCONS can provide.

We also offer Security Infrastructure management services using hybrid tools, based on a combination of your and our tools and processes through a shared IT services operating model. 


We provide hardening, monitoring of the system health status and compliance with the applicable security and regulatory requirements.

We also provide assistance of design, implementation and operation of the multivendor infrastructure environment. Consolidation and virtualisation of the infrastructure, defining system and data classification, resiliency and system availability through business requirements and architectural design.

We also support disaster plan rehearsals, testing of the business-critical systems.

End User & Mobility

Management of end user environment, device imaging, packaging and distributions are just parts of our End User Services.

The management of mobile device environment and support of the end user infrastructure and desktop applications, using hybrid tools and process with a shared service operating model is also offered by SITCONS.

Providing IMAC services as well as onsite support and asset management rounds off this service package.
We offer a single point of contact for all IT related issues and service requests.
SITCONS also provides managing end user portal automation and orchestration of service desk services as well as end user trainings through the end user portal.
​Our service coverage is around the clock with the optimum cost per call.

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