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SITCONS AG was founded in 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland, offering ICT consulting and managed services in the region and abroad.



We provide IT expertise to drive business innovation through best of class IT infrastructure architecture, implementation and service management using cutting-edge technology solutions and to optimize operational expenditures.



To become one of the leading IT services companies in Switzerland, and to provide the best consulting and managed services in all technical & managerial domains.



Is to create jobs in Switzerland and abroad to support the customer with local young, dynamic ICT experts for the IT services and operation activities. We will leverage from Artificial Intelligence solutions to drive higher service quality, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

We provide consulting and a Transformation Roadmap Development to address your organizational and operational challenges through a target operating model and cutting-edge technologies, such as Augmented Intelligence solutions.

SITCONS is providing assessment of IT Target Operating Model, IT Governance Framework, Services KPIs, vendor agnostic Infrastructure design, implementation and operations, and IT Services insourcing transition management.

The business value of SITCONS Strategic IT Consulting Services is to help you identify organisational and operational issues and develop series of improvement programs. These address your IT management, operational related concerns and support you in short, mid and long-term IT projection and associated IT budgetary planning.

We are specialized in reviewing and comparing of IT Services and Standards, Maturity and Quality, vendor agnostic IT Infrastructure design, implementation and operations assessment, especially review and analyses of complex IT Infrastructure issues with the focus on industry standards and best practices.


Our expertise in Out- & In-Sourcing of your IT services can help you ensure that the latest IT management and operations standards are incorporated into your service delivery model. We develop Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, as well as accompany the tender process, to select the preferred service provider based on your business priorities summarised in evaluation criteria’s.

One of the recent IT design and transformation projects was related to one of the largest Airline Data Centre infrastructures into multitenant, multi-Cloud services, protected through a Security Operation Centre. Supported by a Business Case study, the new Data Centre solution and IT services predicted to reduce operational expenditures by approximately 10 million USD every year.

We have the expertise to design IT solutions to connect hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, to increase the patient experience at the hospitals, clinics and reduce the administrative work through a digital solution.


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