Consulting Services

IT Governance & Operating Model

The IT Governance and Operating Model determines the effectiveness of an IT organisations and services at the right level of expenditures. We have developed an assessment program and executed it over a decade with many global clients, to increase its maturity for a higher value outcome.

This SITCONS program helps IT organisations to assess the structure of their organisation and operating models. It helps to adjust and realign the IT organisations functions based on the business requirements and IT technologies. That enables IT Governance to become utmost effective and innovative to support and enable the business. 

DC Infrastructure & Architecture

The DC-IT Infrastructure Architecture Service consists of a design and implementation of the data center infrastructure with jointly defined program activities and schedules to validate the current state of the IT environment.

The review also covers business requirements, architectural design and implementation, and proactive and preventive maintenance solutions.

The result of this assessment is summarized in an IT strategy and roadmap with a high-level transformation plan and a budget estimate to fill the industry standard and best practices gaps used to define the target operating model.

Service Contract & Performance Management

We review and renegotiate the ICT services contract, addressing the service provider under performance against the agreed scope of services, service coverage and service levels. We also review the services baseline, and adjust the service definitions and price to the market standards and KPIs.

​The review and adjustment of the current operating model and functions to improve the effectiveness of the IT services and the value to the business are also key components we provide with our service.

Managed Services & Outsourcing Engagement

SITCONS Managed Services and Outsourcing Consultancy services provides the required governance framework and the expertise to prepare you for a Managed Services and Outsourcing tendering process. Enabling key project team members, technical subject matter experts, commercial and legal negotiator, to engage with the service providers in a structured way with a predefined outcome. 

Through the engagement with SITCONS you define your ICT services requirements, base and business case. SITCONS guides you through the market aligned service level, as well as commercial and contractual negotiations for Hybrid Cloud, Cyber Security, IT as a Services.

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