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To benefit from cutting-edge technology solutions, companies must transform its operating model and services into an agile IT Services provider capability. These supported by a shared delivery model with high customer satisfaction and service quality at the market price.

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SITCONS AG is a Swiss IT consultancy based in Volketswil, Zurich, offering IT and managed services to help you transform and optimize your IT environment.


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IT Governance & Operating Model

The IT services governance framework must address the IT operational, managerial and business strategy aspects to drive innovation and transformation to support business leaders in the utmost effective way.

DC Infrastructure & Architecture

Periodic assessment of data centre infrastructure architecture and its function can optimise the capital investment and align its deployment and operations to industry standards and benefit from best practices.

Service Contract & Performance Management

Service integration and management framework supported by the procurement management can achieve business objective and drive successful services contracts measured and managed by the IT service delivery management organisation.

Managed Services & Outsourcing Engagement

Effective and efficient services contracts start by defining business goals and objectives such as technology, service coverage, service levels, operation model, tools and processes, commercial and legal and documenting them into your request for proposal requirements.


The heart of an IT infrastructure is the data network that transports business data and connects a business with its customers and suppliers. A well-defined network solution aligned to business continuity and services availability requirements can support a business and establish a strong communication channel.


A Security Information and Event Management administered by the Security Operation Centre provides the most effective security to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the business data and countermeasures cybersecurity threats.


Servers host multiple instances and business applications through virtualisation solutions. Access to these systems are protected in multiple ways by the network firewalls up to Endpoint Protection agents deployed on the virtual machines to protect the business asset and data.

End User & Mobility

Access to business applications and data from anywhere become very crucial since mobile phones and tablets are frequently used to conduct daily business activities in a secure way. The management of these mobile devices through a central device management system is imperative to maintain, enforce security policy and standards.

Industry Standards & Best Practices

Our ICT operations assessment program can help you to develop a transformation road map to address the inherent issues that are historically grown due to lack of IT standards.

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Office Hours:
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